Thin Lizzy Rememberance Club

On an august evening in the year of 1991 I invited some friends to my appartment at 'Gammelstua' ('Oldhouse') at Bybrua (right outside the town of Gjøvik, Norway), to memorize the music of Thin Lizzy. The occasion was set as we were in the month of Philip Parris Lynott's birthday and it was then five years since his most tragic death.

All attendants enjoyed this evening of eternal rock music and the reunion of 'long time go see'-friends. We rocked ourselves into the black night in a celebration of Mr.Lynott, and realized a reborn fellowship arising from our dancing in the moonlight to the lizzy music. This was the birth of the Thin Lizzy Rememberance Club.

"I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of gin
I played his records all night
Drinking with a close, close friend
Now some people say that that ain't right
And some people say nothing at all
But even in the darkest of night
You can always hear the king's call"

This site is in deepest respect dedicated to the everlasting memory of Philip Parris Lynott and his music through Thin Lizzy. Text on the site is in norwegian as it is basicly ment to serve as a members site.

We will remember!
(Tom A. Kristoffersen - - 23.05.2002)